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Finding Myself

At fifty plus the morning shave
was invariably something
i did from a distance

standing in the shower alcove
three metres across the bathroom
from the mirror
to squint at a rough
reflection of my father

confident that i knew the contours
of my face & neck
always careful to avoid
the sebaceous cyst below
my right earlobe
the one that always proved
a mountain could be made
out of a molehill if i passed
over it with the triple blade
a touch too heavy

always having to make sure
the tiny bump of a scar
below my lip didnít get too
close & turn the shaving cream
& cause me to snarl & swear

but now at fifty-eight with a
major neck dissection
done two weeks ago
the left side of my neck
muscle removed
the thirty metal staples gone ó
the scar starting to heal
i find myself frosting the
mirror with my own breath
my cheeks now sallow & slack
after surgery
still too tentative
(even with my glasses on)
to sweep away the morning

& once again iím a young boy
my strokes deliberate & planned

while in the mirror
my fatherís blue eyes squint ó
& watch every move.





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