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    The Luxury of Work
    The Violence of Work  
    Miles Away  
    Don't Call Me Lad  
    Turning in Circles  
Kleva Voomun
    Poems for a Dead Father
    Punch On Punch Off

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Geoff Goodfellow SCHOOL SEMINARS are designed to suit the needs of Year 11, 12 & 13 students as well as adult re-entry. Session times are negotiable but 90 minutes is suggested and recommended.

Geoff Goodfellow simply tells 'stories', and the 'stories' work, on and off the page. Goodfellow's working class background coupled with his laconic, 'no-nonsense' style of delivery, have given his poetry an authenticity which audiences can identify and connect with.

Go to testimonials from school teachers who have witnessed Geoff at work

SCHOOL SEMINARS include performances of a variety of his poems along with insights and valuable information into how poems are constructed.

  • Discussing the benefits of writing about known and lived experiences.
  • Showing the 4,5 or 6 drafts necessary to bring a poem to publication standard.
  • Explanations of aspects of particular poems, giving clear and detailed advice on applied technique.
  • Discussion of tone, and showing by example, how and why variation occurs.
  • Advice on how students can apply follow-up to a SCHOOL SEMINAR by making use of the downloadable study guides for Poems for a Dead Father and Punch On Punch Off designed by a leading S.A. English teacher.
  • And of course, a question and answer period is included and encouraged.

A Geoff Goodfellow SCHOOL SEMINAR will entertain and inform. Goodfellow's performances are legendary. He is an Adelaide poet with an international reputation and a repertoire which ensures that everyone, even the most strident, disinterested student, will be engaged somewhere during his performance. Exposure to a 'live poet' must rate as an important educational experience if we are to open up young people to a larger world.

In his SCHOOL SEMINARS Geoff demonstrates to students how his method of operation is simply to listen carefully and garner an understanding of how people use language in particular situations - (and those situations are wide and varied). At the same time he provides an understanding of how he observes too, the customs and attitudes that prevail within these different arenas. He then shows how he sums them up, neatly and often very powerfully, in a page or so of hard-hitting poetry.

His poetry is generally 'ISSUES BASED'…and covers topics such as:

    • domestic violence
    • racism
    • drug & alcohol abuse
    • post traumatic stress disorder
    • power struggles
    • imprisonment
    • sexual abuse
    • mental health issues
    • asylum seekers
    • industrial & employment issues
    • growing up
    • relationships
    • love
    • death
  • It should be noted that some adult themes may include strong language.
  • Student numbers are not restricted for SCHOOL SEMINARS.
  • Small group active writing workshops are also available by negotiation.
  • Large format A2 'Appearing Here' display posters can be supplied
    to promote your Geoff Goodfellow SCHOOL SEMINAR.

The following web sites provide useful references to Geoff Goodfellow:

  • and follow the links
  • Check out the Google and Yahoo Search Engines for information on Geoff Goodfellow

To arrange for student interviews with Geoff Goodfellow for major projects or advice on source material

If you have any difficulties purchasing Geoff Goodfellow's books contact him direct to arrange prompt despatch of personally autographed copies

Go to testimonials from school teachers who have witnessed Geoff at work

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