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These are just some of the terrific repsonses I've received from students I've read to. If you've got something to say and you think it deserves to be on the web site, then say it here.

I am writing to thank you for your obviously inspiring presentation at the College yesterday. My son is 17 and didn’t stop talking about your presentation from the time he came home last night (fantastic because he’s been rather uncommunicative lately!). He mentioned how he was transfixed by your poems and the down-to-earth way in which you read your poetry. He said he wanted to applaud loudly after your readings but was worried he would ‘stand out’ from the otherwise ‘quiet’ crowd and also mentioned he wanted to come and speak to you afterwards but I guess, like many teenagers (unfortunately) he felt a bit awkward.

My son has never known his father and doesn’t seem to have the desire to do so, I believe your poems touched on similar situations and therefore he related well to them. We checked out your web site last night and he read your poem “Don’t call me lad Dad” out to me, we will definitely attend any future performances you have in Tassie.

I thank you again Geoff for what was obviously a very moving presentation.

Hobart College, May 2005

Year 12 students at Seaford 6-12 School

I never liked poetry. I reckon it would have to be the most boring aspect of the English curriculum that gets forced down our throats. When I heard that Geoff Goodfellow, a poet, public speaker and promoter of literacy was coming to talk to us I thought wow, thats gonna be exciting . . . NOT. But then I realised that I could use this opportunity to get out of lesson, and some of my other friends were going and I thought ok, looks like Im going too. I am so glad I did. I showed up a bit late, typical me, thinking I would get nothing out of it except missing a lesson. I came out looking at poetry in a totally different light. Geoff Goodfellow was down to earth, straight to the point and showed that poetry can actually be a lot of fun. He showed a lot of enthusiasm and is a genuine poet who's style of poetry is definitely unique. It was a great experience to watch Geoff and I highly recommend anyone to go if the opportunity presents itself.

Sarah Serle, Year 11
Grant High School, Mount Gambier

It’s hard for 16 and 17 year olds to sit and pay attention for 90 minutes straight at school. But Geoff Goodfellow’s loud, fiery performance was nothing like the daily grind. Several students left the room frank fans, pressing forward to tell Geoff about their own poetry, shake his hand and have their photo taken with him.
Many students are sure they’ll never succeed in English, or indeed at anything to do with reading and writing. Geoff’s life story, told in poetry and unexpurgated prose, smashes up the idea that what you’re doing right now is who you’re always going to be. Highly recommended for any age group.

Fleur Taylor
Student teacher at a school in Melbourne’s west, July 2004

Awesome! Geoff goodfellow is the best person we've ever had come in to talk to us. Under that rough exterior lies poetry of extraordinary gentleness and breadth of feeling. I recommend Geoff Goodfellow to any senior English class. He takes us into his world and brings real characters into the realm of fantasy. Brilliant stuff!

Pulteney Grammar School

When Geoff Goodfellow walked into the room you would never believe he was a poet, you would think he was a carpenter or an electrician. He walked into the room with his faded blue tank top, his blue jeans and his black boots. He looks like a pitbull dog: short stumpy legs, short muscly arms and a barrel looking chest. You would not want to get on his bad side in a pub on a Saturday night, that’s for sure. But as he started talking…I started to realise that he is a really strong-hearted bloke.

The workshop was really interesting and I found out about a lot of interesting things. When I first saw Geoff I stereotyped him but as the workshop went on I realised that I was wrong and he is a good guy. I was fascinated in the way he writes his poems and the process he goes through to get the poems to the good copy.

Daniel Johnson: Yr 12 English Communications Studies student, Salisbury High School

Geoff really is a ‘people’s poet’, he knows how to entertain and educate at the same time which is great. I really benefited from this workshop because I now have a greater understanding of how Geoff gets the inspiration to write and how to go about the process of producing a poem.

Sharna McCulloch: Yr 12 English Communications Studies student, Salisbury High School

I’ve been studying Geoff Goodfellow’s poetry at the Institut for Anglistic Studies at Aachen University, Germany, and have just handed up a 22 page assignment on his work.

I found his book Triggers: turning experiences into poetry most informative and very revealing in terms of craft and technique. It has opened my eyes in terms of how to understand and analyse poetry more comprehensively and has helped me gain a different perspective on not only the poetry of Geoff Goodfellow, but poetry in general.
Goodfellow’s narrative poems really work. He is a great storyteller who is not afraid of dealing with subject matter which society would often prefer to hide. I love his directness and honesty and am looking forward to reading more.

Claudia Willing
Aachen University, Germany

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