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Kleva Voomun

I kleva voomun-
speek five langvij

mi naem Suheyla
from Baghdad
    but Baghdad
no moor
    Saddam kill mi
if i return    hang mi
but i luv heer

i goot hellth
    kleva voomun
goot mind-
    i run from Iraq
in March 1991
    i got 3 chouldren
2 gerl    1 boy

i don’t vunt mi sun
die for nutheeng
in Amerika voor
    i tell him sun-
to run
    i run with him

everiday i cri
    i’m friitink
i run with doorturs
    got no husbund-
that bich man
i don’t wun to si
no moor
    he live Amerika-
    i sine for deevoors
long time ago
i got nutheeng now
    mi doorturs maree
    sun maree
thay lif Germany
    but i lif heer-

wen i run with chouldren
nobodee gif mi wun bred
    kristchun peepul
ar good
    how thay saa
Grate Britisch
    i saa
Grate Orrstralia

i am singool
    i am aloan
        i am okay.


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