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Don't Call Me Lad
          from Bow Tie & Tails

Don't call me lad
just don't call me lad
got more hair on my balls dad
than y'v got
aaaaaaaaaaor had

i'm eighteen years old man
& i'll sink or i'll swim
just don't call me lad
my name is James
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaor just Jim

& now that i vote dad
my party is green
get away with those flags dad
red & blue are both mean

y' can roll up y'r sleeves dad
& slip on y'r tie
y' can rant & lay guilt trips
but i'll spit in y'r eye

yeah i grow some plants dad
but i'm keeping it cool
four's not a plantation
i'm not such a fool

i just can't find a job dad
year twelve was a waste
two friends have just died dad
too much of a taste

yeah i get the dole dad
though it don't do much good
but don't call me lad
i'd work if i could

now i'm mellowing out man
this home-grown is just wild
so don't call me lad
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dad
i'm no longer a child

so don't call me lad
i'm no longer a child.


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