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Miles Away
aaafrom Poems for a Dead Father 

I remember my feet
on the cold kitchen lino
that morning
aaaa teenager with
bumfluff & pimples
aaai was leaning over 
the kitchen table
aaamost of its red & white
marbled laminex top
covered in the morning

as i stood above it all
aaai read there was a war
in the jungles of Vietnam
aaa& they were sending Aussies

Vietnam I thought
aaaVietnam . . .
where the hell is Vietnam

& i found The Jacaranda Atlas
from school
aaaVietnamaaai kept thinking -
it must be next to Queensland
aaabut it wasn't

it took a while but i did
find it
aaait was on page 75 -
& it was miles away

as i stared at the map
aaai thought about the madness
the old man lived with
aaa& how he served
in the Middle East

& i thought about the madness
uncle Bronte lived with
aaa& how he served
in New Guinea

& i thought about the madness
cousin Neville lived with
aaa& how he served 
in Korea

Vietnamaaai thought
aaaVietnam . . .
& i knew then
aaaknew then i was going -

this poem is discussed in the study guide to Poems for a Dead Father

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